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Center Guided Check Valves Old

1” -24” 125# – 2500#

Mikron Miller Check Valves are specified when a permanent, low maintenance, shock proof operation is essential. All parts are removable and renewable, precision machined; seat is lapped, and parts are interchangeable in the same size and pressure class.

Mikron Check Valves have a four piece valve design which include:
  • The Body
  • Seat Ring
  • Conical Spring
  • The Disc

Available Classes and Specifications (Click to download/view PDF files)

Through years of continued research and study in the controls of fluids of all types, we have nearly perfected a valve that meets the requirements of the general rules and regulations as specified by not only the Board of Supervising Inspectors, but the United States Coast Guard as well. Mikron Center Guided Check Valves have no internal screws or bolts to corrode in place, or work loose to cause costly malfunction. These valves are envisioned and created to withstand pressures of up to 6,000 pounds. At any temperature, they are able to handle all liquids, gases, oils, acids, chemicals, gasoline, air, saltwater, and brine with ease. All of that encompasses one moving part, the integral guided disc. Mikron Center Guided Check Valves are apt and essential when a permanent low maintenance shockproof operation is needed. All parts are renewable, removable, and precision machined. All seats are lapped and other parts are interchangeable in the same size and pressure class.